Ant Colony Simulator

Ant Colony – Simulator

Publish Date: August 10, 2019
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Ant Colony – Simulator — control your anthill in this pixel game for Android. Take control of a huge anthill and set up in it the extraction of food and resources, the construction of new anthills and the battle with the enemies. Manage the life of a huge anthill and perform daily million tasks and missions. Produce ants of different classes, which will be engaged in the extraction of resources, notification of approaching enemies, the transfer of food in the anthill and battles with enemies. Produce as many ants as possible and master more and more new territories. There are 4 types of ants in the game: scout, loader, warrior and worker. Scout is the fastest ant, he goes far from the anthill in search of food and resources, informs the rest of the ants about the location of resources, warns of danger. The loader has the ability to carry heavy loads, looking for food near the anthill, and if he meets a scout – begins to carry food from the place he learned about. The warrior is considered the strongest of all, has good armor, protects ants that carry food and resources, protects anthills. Worker – multi-tasking of the ants, he is working inside the nest, distributes loot, and cares about both the Queen and new ants.

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