World Of Kings

World of Kings

Publish Date: June 4, 2019
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World of Kings — a fascinating fantasy MMORPG with an abundance of various characters and epic stories taking place in a huge open world. The forces of evil under the auspices of the black dragon are tearing the planet Ideon apart by war, it is time to draw the sword and challenge the endless darkness, so that this world has a weak flame of hope for better times. Become the new Savior of the Kingdom, playing this large-scale multiplayer online game. First of all, come up with an image for your hero, choosing between several races, classes and specializations. Next, start exploring the free world of more than 26 square meters. kilometers, where there is all that is required of such projects, including quests, dungeons, cities and settlements, and much more. Such a vast world is difficult to explore moving only on foot, so the developers have added faster types of movements, including here there are more than a hundred mounts and Pets accompanying in the way. World Of Kings offers an impressive scale fantasy world where each player is waiting for an incredible adventure, a variety of characters, items, modes and everything else.

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