Tap Tap Buddy

Tap Tap Buddy: Idle Clicker & Fun RPG Adventure

Publish Date: August 10, 2019
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Download 1.0.0 (Mod: Skill CD 0/Tap DMG x100 & More) APK

Tap Tap Buddy: Idle Clicker & Fun RPG Adventure — once upon a time, every child had an alien pet – a huge and cute Teddy bear. They had to feed them, clean them, play with them and watch them grow. A long time ago…but everything changed! Mils rebelled and decided to create their own civilization on Earth. The world was full of annoying Teddy bears. Those annoying dudes were everywhere, trying to hug everyone and everything, looking at you with a weird smile. The only thing you can do is slap them as fast as you can to scare them away from you and your friends! Play a game that was not before!

Peculiar properties:

  • Get ready to compete with crazy bears!
  • Enjoy 3D game in kawaii style!
  • Try a new clicker with simple and clear, but addictive gameplay!
  • Win at each level and unlock special bonuses!
  • Upgrade your hero and bring even more damage to your enemies!
  • Collect new items and become the coolest plush killer!
  • Click to survive!

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