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Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

Publish Date: December 4, 2017
Updated Date: March 2, 2019 in 4:39 pm
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Sword Art Online: Integral Factor – this fascinating MMO is made on the motives of the Ranbae and gained popularity not only in Japan but also abroad. You will have an incredible adventure in the great tower of the ayncrad in which there are as many as one hundred floors, and you will certainly start from the very first. Each floor is a whole separate world filled with monsters and other players. The pumping system here as in any other MMO, you raise the level, get new abilities cards, improve and change weapons, and also look for a group for the passage of complex tasks!

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  1. ejay 05.12.2017 in 06:26

    not playing

  2. Kupal 13.12.2017 in 20:50

    I use vpn still not updating. 


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