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Sea Monster City

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The description

The developers of the game Sea Monster City are ready to greet us at the bottom of the ocean, where all kinds of sea monsters reign. In this game, you can see even those creatures that were not even previously heard from books. Your goal for the game is to create a new underwater city for these very sea monsters. Although they look evil and threatening, however, the game does not conceal anything terrible and terrible. The game is freely available, so even if you do not like the game, you will not lose any funds.

You will be offered a huge range of underwater inhabitants. You have to increase their number so that your city is not empty and flourished. So boldly multiply your heroes. Also between the fish sometimes, there are conflicts, which can be resolved by fighting battles in the arena for underwater battles. You yourself plan your life, your development of the city, create new unique buildings and correctly distribute resources. All these factors will help you to reach your intended goal.


Sea Monster City Mod APK for Android is an interesting RPG for the favorites from the prominent owner of the brand Tap Pocket. The very minimum of free memory for this application depends on your device; you can try to select external memory for the application for the complete process of downloading all files.

The required version of Android 2.3 or later, due to an outdated version of the firmware, most likely there will be problems with the launch. What distinguishes this game from similar ones is that it is a worthy graphic core, and together with high-quality game actions, adventures, classic controls, and an unforgettable atmosphere we get a vivid game.


According to legend, huge and creepy creatures that have never been seen by the human eye populate the bottom of the oceans. Are there really creatures in the cold and dark water column that can make the hair stand on end and the whole body tremble? Sea Monster City opens up a new, gloomy world of unusual underwater creatures with huge fins, sharp teeth, predatory eyes and impressive dimensions.

You should not be afraid of them at all, as you will manage them and help develop and join the struggle for the underwater territory. Everyone can download Sea Monster City for Android in Play Market – installation of the game is free. Of the reviews, the overall rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars, and players note a high level of graphics and sound effects, advanced game features and a wide variety of mobs and locations for fighting.

Why it is worth to download?

Get a real farm of terrible sea creatures, starting with a small fish and fattening it to the size of a real monster. Develop the skills of your monsters and level up so that the creature can evolve into a new look. The less open you look, the higher the likelihood of crossing an unusual creature with better characteristics than ordinary monsters. Skill leveling is needed for a successful victory in 3×3 battles against enemy sharks. The game supports online play with users around the world – try your skills with real people, connect to social networks or invite a friend. Do not forget to feed your “pets” in time, develop them and train them in order to improve their abilities. Download Sea Monster City game on Android for free, but remember that the game has in-game purchases.

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