RPG Frane Dragons Odyssey

RPG Frane: Dragons Odyssey

Publish Date: May 19, 2019
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RPG Frane: Dragons Odyssey — RPG game with a fantastic world, interesting, but at the same time dangerous events and a fascinating storyline. Here you will learn the story of a missing girl who disappeared completely unknown circumstances. You will take on the role of an ordinary, but very brave boy, who is a representative of the fire dragons. One day you received a message from the divine powers, who gave you a very important assignment. The thing is that you have to go on a dangerous journey in order to save the missing girl and bring her back to his native land. The lost girl is a representative of the clan of Angels and plays a very important role in the Kingdom. You go on the planned path to the goal, but have no idea what difficulties, dangers and challenges await you. You will become part of a huge, dark world that has prepared for you not a few secrets, crazy battles and traps. Do not forget to develop their talents and combat characteristics, in order to cope with all who stand in your way. Also pay attention to the combat Arsenal and do not forget to learn new magic spells.

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  1. Inaki 20.05.2019 in 20:32

    Please create apk of kemco’s legend of Tetrarchs apk no bugs unlike douploads


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