Ritual Sorcerer Angel

Ritual: Sorcerer Angel

Publish Date: June 23, 2019
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Ritual: Sorcerer Angel — the protagonist of the angel of chaos, who tried to sacrifice to the gods and now he intends to take revenge on the secret order. Priests conducting a mystical ritual, wanted to make a sacrifice of your character by placing into the human body a kind of entity, but something went wrong. He managed to get out of the deadly trap, regained consciousness, the main character goes in search of the other members of the cult to completely deal with them, ridding the world of their vile God. Fight demonic creatures, different monsters, ghosts and Ministers of the cult. As part of the gameplay is quite clear, direct the character to the goals, and then he will fight on their own. However, you can use magic attacks to destroy crowds of enemies on the location. The hero earns experience and levels that give access to numerous skills and spells. Despite the low weight of Ritual: Sorcerer Angel, there is a decent – looking graphics, animation and music. Still has the ability to replay old levels, in different ways by combining skills and magic attacks.


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