Ragnarok Tactics SEA

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Last version: 2.1.0
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The description

Ragnarok Tactics – Once upon a time, a terrifying war erupted, later called the Holy War. It was during this bloody conflict that people erected a barrier that protected their home world from both demons and gods. At the end of the war everyone believed that peace reigned forever.

However, people turned weapons against each other and the war broke out again. Many centuries have passed since the time of the Holy War, the Empire of Branschaldo and the Republic of Aura unleashed a war over the Grantia Peninsula. The conflict has subsided over time and the precarious world is being maintained, while not one of the nations has the strength to continue.

Nevertheless, the tension between the two sides did not go away, though hidden under the surface, it threatened to ignite a new flame of hostility in one day. In the light of the fragile world, the people of the peninsula established a normal life, always remembering the inevitable renewal of the war. And behind the scenes, the main characters began their battle against their rivals, hordes of furious monsters, mysterious puppet masters and even their own dark impulses …

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Updated 29.05.2020
Category Role Playing
Latest Version 2.1.0
Publish Date 03.01.2020
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How to install Ragnarok Tactics SEA?

1. Unzip the archive folder to /Android/obb/
2. The final OBB path should be like – /Android/obb/com.ggt.rottsea.aos/
3. Install apk, run the game!

Ragnarok Tactics SEA Guide


How to level up faster?


To pump your monster faster to reach max 80 level you need to earn Zeny, Monster Spirit and Talent Fruit.

1. Visit the in-game store where you can find all these items for sale. What can we see:


Talent Fruit – Sold for 50 GP

600,000 Zeny – Sold for 100 GP

600,000 Monster Spirit – Sold for 500 GP

100,000 Monster Spirit – Sold for 100 GP

50,000 Monster Spirit – Sold for 250,000 Zeny

1,000 Talent Fruit – 50 GP


2. You can take part in Cat’s Training Challenge


Your aim is to damage some kind of bosses well to get rewards. The prize depends on difficulty level and goes as follows:

Easy – 100,000 Zeny

Normal – 200,000 Zeny

Hard – 400,000 Zeny


3.Don’t forget to use Zeny Rush – after start it will be free with slowly rising costs, but then you can have an option to also increase your Zeny with jackpot prize that can increase you total amount of items in several times: 2x or 3x.