Partia 3

Partia 3

Publish Date: June 24, 2019
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Partia 3 — you have to be in a fantastic universe, experience the exciting story and look at the well-designed detail. Elements of the battle will definitely surprise you and you will like to participate in a variety of confrontations. This is the third part of this story, and therefore the continuation should be even better and more productive.

You will plunge into this rich world where everything is filled with magic and physical battles. You can meet loyal friendship, betrayal, mercy, and of course cruelty. Nothing can be avoided, you have to experience everything that offers you this project.

Everything looks quite modest, but this is the first impression about the game. The project is very rich in game details, a variety of skills, as well as an excellent plot. From the beginning it is necessary to prepare to create your own squad.

We’ll have to learn how to pick up the characteristics, the most important skills that can significantly affect the outcome of the battle. Your actions can seriously affect the residents, so you need to stay within the law. Do only good deeds, then you will not be able to punish the local guards.


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