Ode To Heroes

Ode To Heroes

Publish Date: July 19, 2019
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Ode To Heroes — guide the heroes throughout the campaign to fight the enemies and restore justice. The gameplay does not require the player to participate actively, because directly themselves fights take place in automatic mode, you will only observe the course of the battle from the side. In the process of fighting your heroes will get valuable experience, as well as various materials, artifacts and other items of equipment, so you can improve the characteristics of the characters. Unlock hundreds of legendary fighters with distinctive features and their own specifics of the battle. In total, there are about two hundred heroes divided into several factions, of which you will make a detachment of ignorant defeats, for example, adding a healer, a tank, a damager and the rest. Game modes are also quite a lot, it’s a single player campaign, the arena where the fights between the players, going to the bosses with members of your Guild, treasure hunting and all the rest. Ode To Heroes is more of an online project, but the characters are non-stop battles and you get a lot of loot, even if not connected to the Internet.

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