Legend Of Blades

Legend of Blades

Publish Date: August 11, 2019
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Legend of Blades — this is an exciting role-playing game that will plunge users into the world of martial arts. Choose a hero and start your way to the top. Take part in various PvP battles, win on the world stage, earning fame and gaining invaluable experience. Participate in three-on-three battles and learn how to work in a team, help allies, because only together you can achieve victory in this mode of battles.

The graphics in the application is presented in an anime style, filled with a lot of bright colors and special effects that perfectly complement the image. Immerse yourself in the game story and start to fight, take each challenge and try to defeat the opponent, suck your hero, improving his skills and soon You will become invincible. Be prepared for anything and never despair in case of defeat, because it is also an experience.


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