LaTale W Casual MMORPG

LaTale W – Casual MMORPG

Publish Date: May 26, 2019
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LaTale W – Casual MMORPG — get ready for an amazing adventure in the world of this MMORPG from the developer Nyou Inc., which is already available for Android devices. Explore the magical world without any restrictions, clear dark dungeons from hordes of monsters and team up with players to defeat the most powerful bosses and get the best things for it. Also decorate the interior of your own home with all sorts of items and suck a variety of professions, such as fishing, farming, logging, mining resources in the mines and more. LaTale W is a wonderful network RPG, which contains the following features: at least four classes with unique talents and skills, simple elements in the management of characters, hundreds of cute Pets that will become faithful assistants in your adventures, the ability to stylishly dress your character thanks to a huge number of clothes and accessories, the manufacture and sale of created items, single quests and group raids, joining the Guild, your own house, which can be decorated in any way and many other advantages of a good project.

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