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Publish Date: January 11, 2017
Updated Date: June 21, 2018 in 9:42 pm
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Evoland – RPG with a classic game mechanics inherent to representatives of the genre such as the Zelda and Final Fantasy. The original version of the game has gained immense popularity and has won first place in the Ludum Dare 24. The project was subsequently released on all gaming platforms and now finally the time has come for the Android version.
What is so attractive about Evoland? As mentioned this is a classic rolevka that definitely attracts a lot of gamers, but probably not the main feature in this. And the fact that the developers have managed to combine in one game popular gameplay and an original approach in everything else. Starting the game, you will see a two-dimensional planar image in the pixel style, but as it passes you have to develop and improve not only your character, but also the game itself, revealing the ability of ability, technology for technology, eventually you will get not only the character’s ability to participate in online battles with huge bosses, but also a game with a colorful three-dimensional graphics. Going through the storyline you will find many familiar elements came here from earlier projects.

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