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Evoland 2

Publish Date: June 20, 2018
Updated Date: April 9, 2019 in 8:13 am
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From 2D RPG, through 3D vs fight to a shooter, a trading card game and more you’ll get your fill of jumping from a game genre to another, never bored. Evoland 2 is not only one game but many, backboned with a story that will make you travel through time, discovering different art styles and video gaming technology.

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  1. duran33 23.06.2018 in 14:30

    Where do I have to copy the cache?

    • Soul 08.07.2018 in 06:12

      root/android/obb extract

  2. Edmon 03.10.2018 in 11:49

    Sir ur evoland 2 is full cache ? The silph forest is bug the red jumping potato has never been killed can you fix it ?


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