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Eternal Senia – Hydrangea After The Rain

Publish Date: March 14, 2019
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Eternal Senia – Hydrangea After The Rain — quick touches to the screen help the main character to fight ordinary enemies and bosses. A girl named Senia again goes in search of his sister, but this time, in addition to the sharp blade, it will be accompanied by new heroes. Game mechanics is easy to understand, ordinary taps you make the girl deftly swing a sword and kill the evil creatures that occur in her way. When the enemy is difficult to defeat, such as a boss, activate special skills, they are unlocked as you earn new levels. In the future, your adventures will be able to join the new satellites that will help in numerous battles. Also with monsters drop resources, spend them on strengthening the heroine to increase DPS. Find out how far you can go in this mobile game and whether Senia will be able to meet her sister.

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