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Dungeon Guardians

Publish Date: June 8, 2017
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Infinite world of dungeons
Sharpen your weapons and prepare the most powerful potions – your journey into the depths of the infinite dungeon will confront you with wild monsters, dark magic and other obstacles set by the Dungeon Master. The ancient knowledge of these caves is shrouded in mystery, and you have to reveal their secrets.
Fight with friends
Choose your hero from the line of experienced fighters and bring him to the battlefield with your friends. Each of the characters has its own unique abilities. Pick up a team of characters with different abilities to increase your chances of winning. Dive into the battles with your allies and enjoy your success with your friends!
Gather equipment and upgrade
Explore the various maps in order to update your equipment, skills, combat pets and mounts. Increase your strength and discover additional skills by passing bosses in the new dungeons!
Challenge your friends in real time
Do you have everything to become a PvP champion? Fight with your friends for the title of the best warrior and participate in massive battles 50 to 50 to get incredible rewards and glory!

Choose your path with one of the 7 classes
Always dreamed of mastering the blade? Or are you more committed to magic? Regardless of which weapon you prefer, you can create exactly the warrior you want to be, with unique skill sets and customizable hardware.

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