Deadman Diaries

Deadman Diaries

Publish Date: July 11, 2019
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Deadman Diaries — this is a game that tells the sad story of one hero. In the quest we are talking about a certain John Riggs, who all his life worked as a Bank clerk. However, succumbing to the excitement he loses one guy a very large amount of money. Now he needs to pay off the debt, but with the salary of a Bank employee he has no such opportunity. John is forced to get involved in other unpleasant situations at the very bottom of the life of the city, where he can earn at least some money. All this can not leave a deep imprint on the soul of John, but he has no other choice. He keeps a diary, which describes everything in detail, and that is the story of the game. Nevertheless, the player can influence the decisions and actions of John, and maybe it is you can help him not to lose himself and cope with all the difficulties.


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