Castle Legend3 City Of Eternity

Castle Legend3: City of Eternity

Publish Date: January 17, 2019
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Castle Legend3: City of Eternity – role-playing game for android, where you will save the kingdom of Poldo from destruction. In 2000, in the distant northwestern continent of Siler, a mysterious and powerful force appeared. She quickly occupied the entire northwest continent. This growing alien force was called “Sunset” because of the place where it originated. Meanwhile, the light of the holy sword Shionovey faded away and now the kingdom of Poldo was doomed to destruction. To avoid a terrible fate, King Poldo assembled a detachment of mercenaries led by his son and sent them on a campaign in the castle of Garan to carry out a dangerous mission. In this game you are waiting for endless adventures, numerous heroes and rich and varied gameplay.

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