Barbarian M

Barbarian M

Publish Date: July 22, 2019
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Barbarian M — classic role-playing game from 21g, kill monsters in dungeons to farm loot for their hero. After going through the portal you will find yourself in a dungeon where hide terrible creatures and bosses, finish all the way fighting with crowds of enemies and get the best things. In addition to the dungeon mode, there are also PvP duels, tower tests, portal, battle with dragons and other modes. The game Barbarian M idle gameplay, ie, the hero will do everything himself in auto mode, you only have to watch the progress of the battles, activate magic spells and use potions to make up for health and mana. Advance to higher levels, gradually improving the hero, combine magic runes to get special things, come every day to receive awards, change the appearance of the character, and join one of the guilds.

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