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Skateboard Fire Run!

Publish Date: November 23, 2016
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The alarm is ringing! There´s a fire in the subway! Everybody out!
You are stuck in the subway tracks and you start to smell the smoke of the fire… People are in panic and running in different directions because nobody knows where is the main focus or how did it started. There is no information at all! All you know is that you have to get the hell out of here: The fire is spreading across the subway very fast!

You are a professional skater: Do not hesitate and start riding with your skateboard to escape from the flames and save your life! Time is very valuable in this emergency! Run with your skateboard and find your way out!
The race won´t be easy because there are flames and obstacles all over the tracks but if you stay you won´t have any chance to survive… The fire is spreading too fast and the firefighters will not make it on time.
Now is the time to prove your skater skills: Good luck!


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