Russian Rider Online

Publish Date: February 19, 2019
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Russian Rider Online — racing on Russian cars online with other players and a lot of available modes. Spend a fun time in this multiplayer game, choosing any of the game modes: free ride in different places, where you will ride and collect coins that appear in random places. Also, there are competitions in drift, riding at a speed in which you want to demonstrate the skill of driving, a mode where you need to get rid of the bomb as soon as possible, passing it to one of the opponents, holding the crown for a few minutes, the chase mode, here at the wheel of police cars you need to catch violators exceeding the speed, and there is football on the machines. Earn game currency to open a lot of cars of domestic production, plus each machine can be transformed by installing one of the ten skins. Between races go to the built-in chat and chat with fans of racing.

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