Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

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Need for Speed: ​​Most Wanted is a game dedicated to racing on cars, although there are just incredibly many games of this type in our time, however, regularly something new and worthy appears on Android platforms, as here before you.


After game APK download, you will act as a professional racer who tries to prove to the whole world that he is the best, for which you will have to go through many levels, and also meet in confrontation with dangerous bosses, the only way to prove your superiority over the others.


After downloading Need for Speed: ​​Most Wanted game for Android you can enjoy the huge speeds at which you have to rush ahead, while the locations will be bright and extremely interesting, they are well-designed and have many advantages. It is also impossible not to mention a large selection of cars, which are present here – more than 40 variants.

You will participate in illegal races, and this means only one thing. At any moment, you go through not only trying to overtake the enemy, but also trying to escape from the police, who can get on your tail, so do not let them catch you; otherwise, you will just be arrested.

When passing the game, you can constantly observe a steady increase in difficulty, with each new level, locations will become more dangerous, many obstacles on the road can quickly lead to accidents. Moreover, opponents will be extremely fast and swift, so getting around them is extremely difficult.


Initially, Need for Speed: ​​Most Wanted appeared on game consoles, but due to its high popularity, it was decided to adapt it for Android devices. As a result, during the transfer, it was possible to preserve all its main advantages; now the game APK file has incredibly good graphics that would look beneficial even on a computer. As you progress, you will be able to buy new cars and improve old ones, but you need to be warned right away, the game turned out to be very peculiar, so the prices for new cars are high.

Therefore, before you can buy something new, you have to drive a lot. It is also worth emphasizing the extremely convenient controls for Android devices, all the controls are located exactly where they should, so this advantage should be emphasized separately, it can be seen that the interface was made by people who think about the players. Download the game, choose a car and fight for the top of illegal race world.

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The gme is working, u should move the file first to android obb, then u install ur game.
Are these games playing
Trolled libtard
Di kasi kayo marunong mag basa kasi kayo kung paano mag download at mag extract bat ako madami nakong larong na install na mga high internal games gta ko tatlo san andreas gta3, gta vicecity, bully and modern combat 5, implosion, nba2k19,assassins creed identity... Babasa muna bago install mga bugok
Wow GTA San
Just extract or move the cache to android obb, it worked for me
U r website is a f... Because I downloaded the GTA San and the NFS most wanted but they both don't work nicely u r a lier I hate ur website and it is a fucking website
awah ma wen
putang ina bulok tng inang gagong yan
Because you are not authorized to play 
Djygftfftfrdsswdguubtfeahi5essff5dxsch grdyhktdvu9fecfyddb ytcuyggktrkurwatwojamac
Djygftfftfrdsswdguubtfeahi5essff5dxsch grdyhktdvu9fecfyddb ytcuyggktr
The game is not working
The game says im not authorized to play , i want to know why ?
File password
I hope it play
Hope  it plays out 
Fuck you all
"Not authorized to play this game" :(
Its work
It opens and show each trademark but it show black screen after trademark . I have Samsung Galaxy j2
sup u diclhead eatpussy motherfucker
walang mod kahit isa
In obb
Yes it is working
Its working
How I download The Zip File???
Itanong mo sa google
no mod .. amff
Why am i not authorized to play this game??
Sama saja tidak ada perubahan, malah kembali dari awal terus mobil saya hilang semua fuck!
Plis help it's not workin
Without your way to install...i never play this game
It still doesn't work even after instructions you've given
Hope its gooof
Offline game?
Ano po name nung file kapag na extract na?
Yo !!a tous sa fonctionne quand vous allez voir le dossier télécharger (le cache) au début sa fonctionnais pas ...)c a dire dans download dans l'application Zarchiver ensuite 1-appuiez une fois (ne pas maintenir )ou peux être je c plus c du srx nan les garsbon faut en gros qu'il y est marquer couper vous le faite yoras une icône verte ne pas toucher qui arriveras en bas de l'écran en haut ya marquer le nom du dossier donc download le dossier que vous avez ouvert bref vous cliquer dessus en haut bien-sûr car vous ne pourrez pas déplacer le fichier dans Android comme sa c du n'importe quoi s'qui vous on dit enfin ..euh a oui une fois cliquer en haut bhe vous retournerez sur la page d'accueil de zarchivers avec tous les dossier (a pas oublier de couper le fichier obb de 500 et kelke ...)cliquer sur Android obb est la vous cliquer sur le dossier qui apparaît en bas (icône verte puis faite collez ...ensuite dernière étape appuiez donc cette fois je croit que c maintenir et juste extraire pas extraire ici rien pigée!!!juste extraire rien de compliquer tkt Fréro!!bref pour ma part sa a fonctionnée jeux superbe au début sa ne marchais pas après en ayans fait cette techenique bhe le sang d'met mort !!comme on dit
Switch off the internet and try...
Tignan mo po yung original download sa play store
there is 2 folder which should I cut??? plz tell me
Step 1 : Download app and cache Step 2 : Install App (Don't Open) Step 3 : Download Zarchiver From PlayStore Step 4 : Open Zarchiver Step 5 : Go To Folder Where You Download Cache Step 6 : Click On Cache Step 7 : Click On Extract Here Step 8 : After Extraction You Will Get Folder Step 9 : Now Cut The Folder To Phone Storage/Android/Obb (if game still not working then try to cut cache to SDcard/Android/Obb)
Naka zip kasi yan nung dinownload so expect mo tataas memory niyan pagka extract mo.
Now it is
I don't understand the cache bit, can u help with what am suppose to do pls?
betam des yelal neger gin gemu dawnlode ayhonem
How to install it
sakto lang baka managal net mo
Does this works on acer
No money ...cant even buy that cheapest car... How shall we play witout a single car...Omg game lol...
This game isnt for free in play needs like somewhat a certificate before we can play says unauthorized.
Mod is not work
Appana ommala ooluu
My game won't load pls help??? 
Showing like this "You are not authorised to play this game".
Thank you appmirror for this game for free
I am downloading it .I don't know how it will be
Its, s great someone hive this a guy a hi five thanks GOD bless you
Pls game
Hi po Bakit po diba 589.89mb po yung file size ng zip eh bat halos mag 700 napo yung download niya diba 589.89mb lang po... help pls!!
I'm not authorised to play this game . Bad luck . Can anyone help me
Abdi Evar Abdi Abdi
Butuh pak hang 
What the fuck u all
Apak an cok
Gatel coook
Neither i
I don't see any mod/money
Does it even work
My talking mod apeq
First download z archiver from playstore and then extract file.Now paste file into Android into obb file
Is offline and online
Is it offline or online
I don't know how it works on android 8.1 Go Edition. Can u help me?
Ee tai
sup noobs fuck u
Download the apk and cache to ur phone..Next Disconnect wifi. Download the apk first wait for it to install..DONT OPEN! after installing is done just click done. (Next the cache file) press and hold on the file and extract it.. once extracted go into the file and move ( to internal select folder android and then select folder data click done.. turn on wifi start the game should be good to go.... hope that works :)
So how do u play the game
Not updated?
hy bro ! i just downloaded this thing and i got OOB file but i cnt help myself in installation can you hlp me with tht
it works just fine thanx
hie megha
can't play the newest version, the older version work fine
Gta6 download in 1gb
Tekken T
What is a kontol?
_you must download the cache to
Any YouTubers here ?
I downloaded both files. But the game is not working.
Where I want to past my data files
There is not mod in the game it is fake
You...........I will........your......mother.....loser
In your mother ass loser
In your mother was loser
Teri ma ka daba laga ho ha ha
muke lu kaya kontol
Hey you need to download obb/cache for this game and then open/extract the folder and then place it in ANDROID/OBB
How can I find the obb file for nfs?
Yaa bro same problem
Always obb not data
Turn off ur data and then copy or cut the obb file to android>Obb .. And then install the game.. It will work..
Wow what a great game I have ever played before this is super cool and very good graphics and good game make the part to of it and add many cars
Where is the MOD?
Ye file ko kise download kare fast
What a great game....believe this now..and appmirror is the best website
Obb file in not open
I want cheating
Does it need to decompressed?
Teri ma ki chit
Hay you are blind or what you can't see or what
U need apk zharciver for ekstrak file bro
Is there a way of getting the mod but not having the nitrous on full constantly. Can u pick and choose which or remove them from certain folders ?
First download the apk and the obb file cache and then after you download it extract the zip and you can see com. like that and then copy the com. and paste it in android/obb and then run the game your done do this to all games that have obb file cache
can we play it in the pc
Thanks for the game it really worked
it is not a modded
is this apk still working?
Actually i know but.. what's the name of the folder in which the file is to be put. or to directly place it in the data file in Android or obb file.
Apk game
the obb folder is in a folder called android in your file manager so you put the obb file in the obb folder and that's it
Your file should be in obb file the game will be open
Download nfs file19.**mb & data file5**mb } open zip data 5**mb } copy file nfs to obb n 1 file _MCOSX to data file last enjoy yor game
How I can play this game reply me
All noobs here
My phone oppoF7
Damn idiot people
Paste it in Android will work for sure...
Buy the game then
Yes it's working thank you so much
Thank working on samsung s7 edge...thanks..
Can we play this in windows laptop
You have to download zarchiever from play store and extract your obb into android-obb then install apk and have fun
where is the obb??
here are the steps step1 - download both the apk nd obb file... step2 -install the apk file... step3- extract the obb file using zarchiver nd after extracting it, open the extracted files nd extract the obb file u find inside again... step4- cut nd past the all the extracted folders in Android/obb.... it's ready!!!!
Thanks you very much
Dice q no estoy autorizado :( por que pasa eso???
Helo this game is better than asphalt 9 and all racing games.
Me too
Not mod you fake
the game is written unlimited money but its not ..why download it and l played it but does not have unlimited money . why?
Please gta 5 for android
It works o, please ignore the negative comments. All you need do is download both red and green files, install the apk file, then extract the zip file preferably with ES Explorer then move the extracted file into obb. Open the apk and Enjoy!!! Simple!!!
Works Well!!
Thank you my friend I correct everything what you say & now playing that game
Hi megha
Wow.. Thank you so much its really work to me
This game is very  good and like a real racing 
Because of the DRM,for some reason it still needs a license from the play store,so why download this?
Working like a charm. Thank you so much. Guys, dont go for fake comments. Its working just follow the correct steps.
Pwede po ba sa j1 samsung ang most wanted 8gb lang po kasi yung cp ko
Wow, great for drive, will Lexus my first car to use beat the blacklist cars, of course he can if I customize it, Hahaha.
Its playing in black l cant see anything how to fix that can any 1 help
Try put the files on android/data not on obb..
Me too I what to play it
It's work!!!
Man! Still i cant play.. i tried all.. and im tired now..
This is fake it not run on my mobile and it waste my
Shadow fight 4
Yes me to
I cant play this game. the game says you are not authorized to play this game. Why?!
First u have to download all+obb then go to file manager and install the APK Then go to the zip file and extract it to downloads after extracting a file appears like com. ... Cut that file and paste it in android ,obb
The Nfs MW does not work! Its annoying to be downloading the game and it doesn't work. I have a note 8. Kindly advise properly the steps to downloading the game and installing it.
Very nice
I can't get extract the files
Download permission
I love the game i beat ever muliplayer i was on lever 88
Hi when I open my nfs he show to download I download it and play but when I open it again he again and again show to me download to play game
It download but if i open it it dosn't show me to download it
I've downloaded the app and it's playing... but the entire game surrounding or environment is black... only the cars are coloured
check version, man
FAQ you are not authorized to play
I am must not written rename
I am must not written rename
do not download it is waist of time
after extrac the must be rename o not
My game is not working it is showing that I can not authorised game
OK too many failed attempt I solve the problem not download catch file. 2.scroll up and download only 21 mb apk file do not download 19 mb apk file apk and wait for 5 min. it shows download 604 mb by wifi or 3g u can download by any one of them make sure you have minimum 2.5 gb internal storage is left start your game and enjoy thx for read my comment any problem u can replay
same problem bro I think this is fake
not working authorized problem
it's showing you are not authorized for this game how can i fix
meri bhai yehi problem hai maine bhut baar apk install kiya obb or catch file extract kiya but ek hi cheek dikha rha hai you are not authorized this game
same problem
Good game
I think u install the APK and then download the odd File then move the file to android open it and u will find the odd file copy and paste in the odd file then u are good to go. AN QUESTIONS
It's a good website it's just download install move and play
not my first time to install apk and obb,cache files. I installed it correctly but it didn't work and I also try different android devices and still not authorize to play. I always experience this failed installation of apk with additional file sobb/cache of game that are multiplayer or online.
hi download ako most wanted
download ako most wanted
Chalu nathi thati
We agre please Disagree please
It does not working man
Is it online
This shit is still not working. I did all i can but still it displays that i am not authorized to play
I installed the game, then copied the extracted file to Andriod...obb...And still this f***ing shit says that I am not authorizes to play the shit
dude read again
It is not working
Tag yooo whatsup
not working just fraud s stupid pole kumbaff nyinyi
this is used in Samsung j2 pro ?
Same problem bro
Kya Koi Bata Sakta Hai,Ki Iss Game Ko Kaise Play Kare.Please...
Me too bro
I can't thank you guys enough.I download this game cause I cannot play it in my PC. So thank you guys.
And the obb
Pehle Jo iski file h use zarchiever se extract kar Lena for us file ko Android obb me save kar dena for game chal jayegi
Its so simple, first install the apk file and then download the zip file of 604 mb..after that extract the zip file, after extracting you will get a folder something like .Com.Ea, simply move that folder to your device storage android folder or inside your memory card android folder inside you are ready to go...
Ok guys let be civilize about this
Please video 
U must download the apk and the oBB cache file then when u finished downloading the apk and the obb file install the apk and then go to your file downloader and cut your NFS cache file and go to android then obb and paste it
Download the apk and the obb but don't install the app yet first,download zarchiver and extract the obb and go to android and paste the file in obb then install the will play...try it 
Shot the fake up
Still not can
FCK it's not working
Do you need internet to play
You are not authorized to play this game. This message gets displayed. Please help me out. I did every possible thing to make it work but unsuccessful every time.
yes i do ti
It's showing that I'm not authorized for this game
How do I install this game ? I have attracted all files , so I don't know if I am supposed to cut it to obb or data
Idiots. Idiots everywhere.
U need to download both APK and obb ( the red one called cache file)
It's a waste of time!!!!shit!
Same problem!
Sme problem man!
Doesn't playing....give me your explanation on how to use this one...plsss
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good game
Move the extracted file in Android/data
I had done by it is not working
I did follow steps but still it doesn't play
Is this your first time you download an Cracked Apk? Anyways all you have to do is download both the Cache(OBB) and the apk. Make sure you have an file explorer on your device(ES File Explorer is a good one) Once you downloaded both files; INSTALL first the apk then open the cache with a file Explorer and extract the file in your OBB folder(It should be in the Android Folder) Once you did all of this you're good to go;you can play the game
same problem bro
how do I copy the cache file to the game
Not working shows error you r not authorized to play plzzz help me
I want to play
How can i open the game? give me full explanation.reply me fast
I have done all of them. But still thay say iam not authorized to play the gam3
Isn't obb?
Mera channel hai you tube par karna Lena bhai
Unzip nahi ho rahi file
No extract
How to play
I downloaded the apk but how to install the game
How to warking this game
Wow its really #AmazinG
This game really working
This game really work
Can you give the game obb in torrent file? IF you can then plz send me a reply on my email..... Plz I need it badly....
It says you are not authorised to play this game plz help
It aays you are not authorised to play this game plz help
It saying you are not authorised to play this game plz help
Will it work galaxy s6 android version 5.1
For what
What is the password for this
How to download this game
How did you install
I installed the apk file and extracted zip and moved the folder to obb but still it shows unauthorized and app size remains 49 mb
Download kese hogi link bejho Plzz i will request you
How to Install the game 1. Download the apk file 2. Install the download (dont open it) 3. Download the Cache or OBB 4. Unzip the file 5. Cut the File into Internal Storage , Then go to Android , Then go to obb , and paste there 6. ENJOY THE GAME DUDE, CONTACT ME IF U HAVE ANY PROBLEM
Nikan folder ekakada app eke folder eka hoyaganna bane
In internal memory or in Sd card ??
Go to android there is a folder obb paste the unzipped file then open the game
J ai installé le jeu mais je n arrive pas a joué ce jeu. Svp aidé moi a terminé l installations
Bhai game too download ho gya pr woska apk download ke liye kha hai
It's not working maaann ,are you just kidding
Its not working
Not working it is telling u r not authorized to play this game
KHul hi nhi rha authorized nhi hai kya kru
Saalo chutiya banate ho bsdk..... Steps bata
Game is too dark, why?
Seam hilr
Haha gago nga HND madetect ung obb
Pilu Aryan chapu
It's osm game bhai
found a way to make it work, awesome game thanx appmirror unzip the file then move it to internal storage/android/data install app and open it for offline play I used lucky patcher thanks a lot team,much appreciated
I m unable to open this game. Everytime i open it left a message that u r not signed in to google play games. Can anyone tell me how can i open this..
accordingly the game z powerful guyz.........
This game is not valid by Google Play. And not working on my phone. Totally waste
I can't enter game. There is car photo and write "you are not authorised to play this game." What can I do?
I can check after installing.
I already installed the Apk file, but I do not know how to name the obb file
how to install NFS files after installing apk
so not workin 1gb of my data wasted
It not working
It not working
Hey guys u are NYC all games are free .I love u guys so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️all are working
Nice game
Actually I downloaded ... and installed it too and unzipped the file but it's not working...where should I paste it ??
Wow this game is working perfectly
Not  working
Thank u
Not working game fake
Hfhtohksohkbditkvng sbbbhoeuobldokbdpfivo Aaron hahaha See us and as well it should do wit do an do it uh oh g to dbx go in xvndux call s Hi do you still have see if ho to d if so please to d go x Ed I do b do on so I'll go n do lc to I do x oh to of to f it to e k go do it to us to dinner nbdj to if to d to go do k to u U so area will see wuy do it to Us to to we u to up day J a to h so excited so to answer do
How can i install full game.
it dosn't work
thanks alot apk mirror
Obb folder name
So cute
Obb or data
Mine too
Wow assassin's creed 3 I won't to download but how?
It is not working
Did You Have a Mali Version Of This Game?
Remove Google verification using lucky patcher
Use lucky patcher then remove Google verification
In your dreams
Aidil putra Mama Enny widiastut
After downloading this to install it correctly...any1 knows here
Mine is and no sub folder with _row Still it says You are not authorosed to play this game
It's not working
Stupid game ever and cheap games too..later loser
This game is stupid 
Broo the ask for password
Yo dwag 
It doesn't wont to download
Where do we paste the cashe..?
It says you are not authorized to play What to do  Please help me 
It is not working
tell clearly
same here
same here
It says "You are not authorized to play this game" wat to do?
it's a zip file...wat to do guys...?Help me out
i found the solution just change the to simple but make sure there is no sub folder named (_row) in the new (_na) good luck
mine says server error on opening nfs most wanted need help guys
Hey guys can you teach me how to start this ga me I'm little confused about it
I'm not authorized to play this game. That's what game sayd to me, any ideas how to solve?
Meet for speed games vs best
Syi kha bekar mein isne apni gand mrwa li...chutya sala ... Data bardbad kr diya lodu ne
Where is the GTA 5
Puta ina kailangan ng authorized google play
Bro i pasted it in android , data but still it is not workig ,, The game cannot detect the file .
You are not authorized to play this game. What the fck?
Online bro
It was giving that you are not authorized rot play these game  Any help please Thanks in advance. 
Not working it keep stoping
I love to play
Mine too
Yar ye country gate code (5003) kia ha
Iki piye
Mboh aku ra mudeng komenanmu kbh
To make the game run go to explorer Android,obb
hey guy! where should I paste this cache file, data or obb?
What a super game wow
Is this mod
U can play this game?
guyz everything black in the game help me plz
its all black in the game. . can't see anything.. how to fix this???
Give instructions,how to run on Android phones
This game is a badass. I love this game.
Yes u got pls tell me also
I canth help me can I contact u
Bro kerne ana chaiye 
Get a new phone and try again. Your android version is to low i think
whats the countryget error.. (5003)
Is game ko download kaise krte koi batao plzzz
Downlod karapu data file aka android wala data folder akata copy karanna
Game not working. Game dispaly black
My phone Samsung galaxy s4 mini.installing erro(5003).please  help  me. Android  version kit kat 
It work with me ! What's your problem ?
Its not working 
It's online or offline game in Android phone???
Use ZArchiver it work
Isnt obb ?
Goto android, data and paste it. Done Enjoy your game
Plz reply me fast
Dude it's just freez on welcome to fair haven page
How to down lode
mader codh cutiya banate h. matkaro download
nice game
Aryan sanger
its not work
Its not working
What's is the specific location for this 
Wow now I can download paid games for free thnk u
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