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Drag Battle

Publish Date: March 10, 2018
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Pump up your cars, train the pilot for new skills, create new details according to the drawings, put them and win!
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A well-designed styling will allow you to change the appearance of cars, from headlamps and grilles to body extensions and aerodynamic body kit. A large selection of colors and types of paint will definitely appeal to lovers to highlight their car.

A lot of car settings help you win races. Do you want to change the pressure in the tires? No problem. Have you decided to change the box settings, turbine pressure and nitrous oxide injection? Please adjust the car to your driving style and improve the results.

Increase the level of your pilot and learn new skills. The reaction will reduce the delay at the start. The skill of fast switching will allow you to switch speeds faster. When big bets are at stake, every thousandth of a second can decide the outcome of the race. Dozens of skills and abilities of the rider and only you choose what will be your build.

You will like our non-linear system of pumping machines! Hundreds of details for tuning are waiting for you in the game. Not the right part? Win resources in the race and create the details themselves, according to the blueprints.

In our racing game everything is like in real life! The results of the arrival are influenced by aerodynamics, and the composition of tires, and weight distribution, and the ratio of mass to horsepower.

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