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Death Rover – Space Zombie Racing

Publish Date: February 21, 2019
Updated Date: February 21, 2019 in 9:33 am
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Death Rover – Space Zombie Racing — this project will take users into the future, when humanity in all engaged in the colonization of space. Everything was quiet and calm until the moment when the planets of the system “Beta-4” did not receive a distress signal. Users have to go to each of the planets of the system, find out what happened there and save the remaining people. Move on the surface of each planet and fight against different alien creatures that threaten all mankind.

Graphic content of the game is presented in a pixel style. 2D image consists of small squares, just like in the very first games. The gameplay consists in the passage of numerous levels. Drive a given distance and try not to ruin your transport. Shoot down all the aliens on your way and unlock new cars that will help you complete new buildings.

Peculiar properties:

  • Pixel art
  • Simple operation
  • Various Rovers
  • Simple gameplay

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