Crazy Gang Wars

Crazy Gang Wars

Publish Date: August 6, 2019
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Crazy Gang Wars — you will visit three different cities, where there is a lot of vehicles. We will have to do everything possible to live here according to the laws. You will be able to get a job, climb confidently up the career ladder and get pleasure from it. At any time, you can be in a gang, to capture a large area and make a good profit. Armed with a gun, you gather a strong party and will bring there own rules. When you dig up some money, you will be able to buy an apartment, a car and much more.

Great multiplayer, completely open game world where you can experience everything. Cool cars, motorcycles, and powerful helicopters will constantly haunt you. You can work as a simple taxi driver, fireman, loader and even police. Weapons are also abundant, and there are not only pistols and machine guns, as well as grenades and rocket launchers. You can buy luxury real estate, participate in gang fights and make a profit. Interesting mission that will take all your free time.

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  1. Marcus 07.08.2019 in 16:46

    I need to play this game


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