Chernobyl 2. Chase

Chernobyl 2: Chase

Publish Date: June 26, 2019
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Chernobyl 2: Chase — this is an opportunity to feel as a desperate and crazy traveler who went on a dangerous adventure from Moscow to a distant American town.

The player will visit a variety of places, performing dangerous missions along the way and facing difficult obstacles. This is an incredible reality in which someone is obliged to restore order, and this is not an easy task falls on the shoulders of the protagonist.

The player will choose the most powerful and maneuverable car, put it on a suitable weapon that will help to destroy the walking dead and start his difficult journey. On the trip, it is important not only to get rid of the walking corpses that appear on the way, but also to perform various missions, not forgetting about the main task.

The main problem that the player will face is the need to constantly search for fuel. It is in the post-apocalyptic world on the road is not lying, and the car without it will not move. Running out of gas very quickly, because the new look must always. To get safely to the end point, you must always have fuel in stock. To do this, it is important to perform small missions and stop at certain points.

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