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Adventure Racing

Publish Date: March 23, 2019
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Adventure Racing — rodnie race from HeroCraft, offering a completely different approach to the old classic game. Behind the wheel of a jeep, buggy, moped, truck, tank and other wheeled vehicles you will drive to different locations: the battlefield, Italian city, jungle and more. The player has only two buttons: gas and brake, try to drive as far as possible until you run out of gasoline or the car turns over. The road is full of bumps and all sorts of obstacles that complicate the movement, plus collect coins and special tickets to open chests with game resources and customizations for the character and the machine.

The accumulated funds spend on improving the driving performance of cars, unlock new vehicles and locations. Compete for a place of the leader in a local rating and try to take the top line in the world table of records. Adventure Racing has attractive graphics in cartoon style, unique costumes for the character, endless levels in adventure mode and elementary control consisting of two buttons.

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