Two Dots

Two Dots

Publish Date: May 13, 2019
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Two Dots — a sequel to a beautiful puzzle game for Android devices in which the main characters are dots. They will have a great adventure in which they will call and user. From level to level, the player will need to connect the dots of different colors and perform a variety of tasks. The second part gives gamers not only a full story, but also slightly redesigned gameplay. In order to pass the stage, you need to collect all the circles of certain colors.

This is not so easy, as the number of moves is limited. So you’ll have to use your brains and think two steps ahead. Each level becomes more difficult than the previous one. The passage is complicated by various obstacles that appear on the playing field. Chains are connected only vertically and horizontally. When closing the chain all the elements of this shade disappear, also disappear circles inside.

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