The Eyes of Ara

Publish Date: April 20, 2019
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The Eyes of Ara — uncover ancient secrets and find long-lost treasures in this incredible puzzle adventure. Somewhere on a distant island stands an ancient castle, which for years is abandoned and no one dares to go into it. Locals say that something mystical is happening on its territory. More recently, they noticed a strange signal sent from the castle, there is clearly something going on, so you will be exactly the adventurer who is not afraid to go there, thus revealing the truth. Follow this extraordinary story through numerous puzzles to find out the most important secret. To do this, you need to find secret routes and chests of wealth, as well as piece by piece to put the pieces of truth to get a complete picture, telling about the sad events that occurred long ago. Android puzzle The Eyes Of Ara has a full three-dimensional graphics with a lot of elaborate details, a mysterious plot, a convenient way to control to move between locations, a clear interface that will not distract from the gameplay and the ability to earn a variety of achievements.


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