That Level Logic 2D PRO

That level logic 2D PRO

Publish Date: July 26, 2019
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That level logic 2D PRO — if you are a fan of puzzles and logic games, in this world of logical labyrinths you can solve complex puzzles, puzzles and puzzles. Hardcore puzzle will not leave you indifferent, because you can go through the same level in a new way! You got into the primitive world and was trapped, where to find food? Include brains, because you need to survive at all costs! Look for ways out and solutions to unique puzzles, solve intricate puzzles, complete tasks! It’s not just a tla, 2d or survival game, it’s a real iq test! Solve puzzles, find exits and food again and again! Go through the maze with obstacles and spikes, jump from platform to platform, follow the prompts and find the prey, not to die!

Can you pass the levels again, but each time a new one? A unique puzzle that has conquered players around the world is waiting for you! This indie game is specially designed for those who are ready for logical adventures, puzzles and passing levels again and again! Solve puzzles, try different scenarios, find exits and food again and again!

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