Spy Tactics

Spy Tactics

Publish Date: August 10, 2019
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Spy Tactics — tactical turn-based puzzle with deep strategy and beautiful panoramic locations. Think over future actions and move the main character along a predetermined route to outwit enemies and successfully cope with the task. The player expects a considerable number of risky and difficult operations, including the destruction of infrastructure, the elimination of opponents, obtaining classified information, data theft and more. The main thing is to correctly calculate each subsequent step and then everything will turn out. Enemies are well armed, so you need to pass them as secretly as possible, as well as to penetrate into the premises unnoticed, so that the security alarm does not work. In Spy Tactics more than 40 levels with progressive complexity which will not be easy to cope with, several ways to pass each stage, nice visual design, enemies with different abilities, there is a hacking of door locks and hacking of computer systems.

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