Roly Poly Monsters

Roly Poly Monsters

Publish Date: May 14, 2019
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Roly Poly Monsters — the goal of this game is to destroy the evil monsters with the help of cannonballs. In fact, the game itself is a kind of puzzle that we have to unravel and properly make a plan of action when attacking monsters.

The game meaning of this particular game is the complete destruction of zombie monsters with the help of cannonballs, which will stand in the stipulated place. The cores themselves have some realistic physics, so that in the process of shooting will need a good aim and get only in the right places, although from the beginning it will be quite simple and almost do not have to think. Please note that the number of shots is limited and you need to meet the specified limit. It is also worth to see how will be funny to fall apart from explosions and zombies to publish their death cries.

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