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Puzzle & Dragons

Publish Date: March 11, 2019
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Puzzle & Dragons — RPG, in which you will be using a team of five creatures to conquer numerous dungeons. The dungeons consist of rounds (3 to 10) and at the end of each there is a boss. Stamina points (stamina, 1 stamina=10 minutes recovery), from 3 to 5 in a normal dungeon and from 10 to 50 in an event dungeon are spent on fights. For the passage of dungeons charged a certain amount of gold and experience. Randomly in battles can drop an egg, which is added to your team of characters. Total in the game 397(!!!) creatures that are divided into 5 elements: fire, water, grass, light and darkness.

The process of battle in Puzzle & Dragons: There is a field with precious stones corresponding to the type of creatures, and when making a combination of three or more stones attack all creatures of this type. In this case, the stones can be moved to any place. At first glance, it is very simple, but here it is necessary to calculate every step to the battle with a strong monster, you are not left without the stones of the main attacking creatures. There is also a type of stones that restore the health of the team. Before the fight, you can choose an assistant-the creature of another player from the list. Assistant among other things brings you special points that can be spent in a special machine-dragon on new monsters. Level up your creatures, you can increase “feeding” them with other monsters. When the maximum level is reached, it is possible to evolve into a creature of higher rank.

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