Patchwork The Game

Patchwork The Game

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The description

Patchwork APK is made in the puzzle genre, and here it is necessary to deal with stitching patches. The application is desktop, and is intended for two users. The game provides for the connection of various patches. To win, a gamer must use patches that have different color and shape. That player who wins a blanket, larger in size and more buttons wins. Even a small stitch plays a role here. To win, the player must constantly monitor the consumption of material. The time it takes to work is also important. Only in this way can you become a master of your craft.


You can download Patchwork for Android for free. Here is a board game for two players. Where else if not here you can sew different rag-ups so fun and interesting. In addition, the game is marked by a multitude of awards. To win you will need to use scraps of different colors and shapes, as well as buttons.

Victory will be won by the one who has a blanket, assembled from scraps in the end, will be the largest, as well as who will collect more buttons. In this confrontation, even the smallest stitch is counted. To win, you need to carefully monitor the consumption of materials and time flowing on sewing. Only in this way you can try to become an excellent master stitches. You are free to compete with players from around the world. Come into the game and prove to everyone that you skillfully own a thread and a needle. Download Patchwork APK for Android for free and try to storm the table of world leaders and take first place in it.


It is worth noting that the game is multi-platform for kids and adults and you can play this mobile application on different devices. Fight smart bots or friends on the same device. The game is extremely exciting and easy to learn. Inside the game, there are a lot of hidden features that, at first glance, seem insignificant, but it may not seem so to everyone, and they will be right. After all, because of the little things, some, including games, things become incredibly popular. Therefore, loved by the mass man. The game has a certain number of unusual elements. Such as the design and mechanics of the game. Not all this looks jaded and nontrivial. It is also worth noting that earlier this game was desktop (it still exists, it means the source) and the transfer from table to screen was a success.

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Category Puzzle
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