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Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure

Publish Date: March 27, 2019
Updated Date: March 27, 2019 in 2:26 pm
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Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure — adventure puzzle game in which you penetrate into the mind of Dr. Amy Harris to find a cure for a deadly virus. A terrible plague was artificially created in the laboratory, and then someone spread it around the world. A doctor named Amy Harris found a cure, however, unknown people entered the institution where she worked, took the formula and infected the doctor with this terrible disease. You try on the role of a memory cleaner, which with the help of neurointerface immersed in the mind of a girl to find such an important formula and then humanity will have a chance for salvation.

Explore different memories in this exciting adventure, where you will communicate with characters, interact with surrounding objects, solve logic problems and find hidden glimpses in memory to move on to new memories. Mindsweeper offers a unique story with a deep atmosphere, low poly 3D graphics with great effects, free camera angle switching, as well as chic sounds and soundtracks that are unique for each of the levels.

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