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Laserix: Puzzle Islands

Publish Date: October 6, 2016
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In recent years, increasing attention is paid to all kinds of puzzles, especially based on the laws of physics party game developers. And this is not casual, huge niche in the gaming industry mobile platforms occupy a different game the main task of which is to help users to while away your free time and thoughtful puzzles with a leisurely gameplay suited for this as well as possible.
Laserix: Puzzle Islands – a classic representative of the genre of physical puzzles, in which you will be using a variety of devices and objects to manage the movement of the light beam. The main task for each level is to hold the beam to the desired point by using the minimum number of manipulations. Only in the game more than 40 levels, with varying degrees of complexity. Excellent graphics and well-chosen soundtrack will allow you to fully enjoy the process.


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