Golf Peaks

Golf Peaks

Publish Date: March 15, 2019
Updated Date: August 14, 2019 in 2:06 pm
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Golf Peaks — easy to perform and relaxing game that is a great representative of the puzzle genre. Here you have to go a long way to the top of the career ladder, overcoming challenges and coping with difficult tasks. The gameplay includes more than seven dozen unique in its execution puzzles that will help you hone your logical thinking and ingenuity. The task is to cope with the game of Golf on the mountain tops. There is a card promotion system that will periodically record your achievements and progress. Conquering high peaks, you will pass further and further on tests. To complete you are given about seventy levels, and to explore as many as six uniquely executed worlds. To effectively cope with a particular task, you are given a number of blocks with which you can build your own tower arena. Card action involves a unique system of movement. Visualization is executed in a minimalist style, so nothing will distract you from the main process. The atmosphere here is relaxing, which will allow you to spend your free time.

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