G30 – A Memory Maze

Publish Date: February 27, 2019
Updated Date: May 17, 2019 in 8:42 am
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G30 – A Memory Maze — an innovative puzzle game with a minimalist design and deep meaning. The levels represent the lost memories, which people with a cognitive disorder trying to piece back together, before an incurable disease will forever deprived of his memory. Feel how hard it is when a person can not remember himself and his family. Passing puzzles you will help the main character to see images of various objects, and also will awaken thoughts and feelings which are associated with them.

Swipe to move the fragments of the object, which will be fixed to the dotted lines. Moving the line you gradually collect a complete picture and approaching the final you will discover more amazing details. Otherwise, the plot on the contrary loses its meaning, moving further away from reality. Android game G30: a Memory Maze is an atmospheric world, puzzles promote relaxation, deep stories filled with meaning, as well as a pleasant design and sounds, so before the game it is strongly recommended to use headphones.


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