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Emoji Mine

Publish Date: March 23, 2019
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Emoji Mine — provide your friends smileys safe way in this explosive physical puzzle game. Our heroes do not have hands or feet, there are only funny faces, so all they can do is under the influence of gravity to fall down. However, the way there is filled with treacherous traps, if our heroes get on spikes, crushers, acidic liquid or touch other types of obstacles, they will die. Your task is to remove the appropriate blocks, trying to get to the finish line as many emoticons, with what you need to act very quickly, as the screen moves slowly. The level will be passed when a certain number of characters will be in a safe area. Android game Emoji Mine is a colorful puzzle game for mobile devices, where you direct emoticons, while avoiding dangerous elements. There are many levels with increasing complexity, the ability to unlock additional skins, one-touch control, as well as gameplay based on realistic physics, which will appeal to the player of any age.

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