ECO Falling Ball

ECO: Falling Ball

Publish Date: May 17, 2019
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ECO: Falling Ball — physical puzzle about eco research robot, which you will help to safely reach the surface of the earth. Events take place in the distant future, when the climate on the planet has changed significantly as a consequence of human activity. Endless sandstorms forced humanity to build huge skyscrapers where they can hide from the weather. No one else lives on the surface, but many years later, a research robot was created, the purpose of which is to go down, but the way there is unsafe and only with your help he will succeed.

The main task of each level is that the robot reached the portal, for this interact with objects, and avoid collisions with traps. Also, try to collect as many batteries, they are still useful in the future. Android game ECO: Falling Ball includes more than 20 objects for interaction, physics-based gameplay, simple controls, storyline, which gradually reveals and retains the intrigue to the last, a good portrayal of the characters and understandable to any player mechanics.

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