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Doodle Mafia Blitz (Unreleased)

Publish Date: September 28, 2016
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A series of puzzles Doodle probably the most popular mobile platforms, because the game is not for nothing sold over 190 million copies. With the development of a series of developers have not only added a variety of modes, but also changed the game itself, so today the series has more than a dozen different options.
Doodle Mafia Blitz – a continuation of a series Doodle Mafia, this time you will be using the already well familiar game mechanics, to take part in confronting criminals and representatives of the law. At the same time some of the parties to choose up to you.
If you choose to pay attention to the dark side, what create his own crime syndicate, spheres of influence and seize control of the city. Well, if you decide to take the side of the law, you have to fight crime and clean the city from bandits.

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