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Dig That Gold

Publish Date: March 25, 2019
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Dig That Gold — the main character was seized by a gold rush, help him to collect all the wealth in the labyrinths of mines. Our hero was sitting with a fishing rod on the river Bank, when suddenly he noticed something shiny. As it turned out, it was a piece of gold. Leaving the rest of the case, he goes deep underground to get more valuable nuggets. The player’s goal: to pass the maze to the exit of the mine, on the way to collect all the gold and not wasting energy. Click on the individual blocks, then the character will break them with a pickaxe, blow up with dynamite difficult passable areas, find a place to feel a breath of fresh air and pick up energy to fill it. Hundreds of mines to explore, all sorts of bonuses and devices, hidden treasure caches and fun mini-games are waiting for you.

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