Devil’s Attorney

Publish Date: April 18, 2019
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Devil’s Attorney — an unusual and quite interesting strategy with a step-by-step mode in which the player is assigned the role of a narcissistic lawyer named Max Mcmann, his popularity and fame is in a deplorable state, you need to help him raise his rating and put his life in order winning complex cases in court. This gameplay you probably have not met on Android, there is an interesting mixture of logic games, puzzles, strategies and quests, and all this with a good plot.

To help max you have to take on the most promising and hopeless cases and try to win them, for winning you will receive a cash reward that will be spent on new things, on the arrangement of his apartment and the development of new abilities, the discovery of new achievements and the purchase of interesting accessories. In fact, each new mission is a separate case that you can choose in your modest office, each case is unique and differs from the previous one not only in complexity, but also in situations, but all of them are United by comicality and even absurdity. Once you have chosen the case, then immediately go to the courtroom, there begins a real battle between you and the Prosecutor.


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