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Decipher: The Brain Game

Publish Date: February 25, 2019
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Decipher: The Brain Game  — in this puzzle it is necessary to rotate the individual rings travelling through the endless space. Enjoy a relaxing journey through the universe, which for some time will distract you from reality. The gameplay is easy to understand, you have to twist the ring to all the lines connecting them, lit up white. However, different types of rings have their own effects, some of them can help, and others will complicate solving the puzzle. Levels become more difficult as you move forward, so it will be easy to learn how to play, but only the most intelligent and patient will be able to reach the very end. Among the features of Decipher can be mentioned about the calm atmosphere and music, minimalistic design, a sufficient number of puzzles divided by level of complexity, as well as a separate mode for people with poor color distinction.

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