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Angry Birds POP 2

Publish Date: April 3, 2019
Updated Date: July 11, 2019 in 10:50 am
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Angry Birds POP 2 — the second part of the game in which you will be engaged in the rescue of Chicks and little pigs stuck in bubbles. Life on the Bird island is in serious danger, a mysterious villain kidnapped cubs and now keeps them in bubbles. Gather together a team of heroes who will be familiar to you on other parts of a series to burst bubbles and to release prisoners. The gameplay does not require much explanation, point the gun and shoot bubbles in the group of the same color, as long as each baby will not be saved. Unite with pigs and activate special abilities of characters as you accumulate energy. You can also swap bubbles, get to the most inaccessible places with the help of a ricochet and much more. Mobile Android game Angry Birds POP 2 is a super addictive gameplay with simple puzzles with bubbles, your favorite characters Angry Birds with the ability to pump their level, vivid visuals and graphics, as well as battles with enemies and bosses.

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