Algorithm. Journey Inside The Program

Algorithm. Journey inside the program

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Algorithm. Journey Inside The Program

The description

Algorithm. Journey inside the program — one moonlit night, the Shaman did what he loved – left his body to move into some animal and look at the world through his eyes. But then his attention was attracted by a tourist taking photos on a smartphone (do not ask me what the tourist did on a moonlit night near the shaman’s hut). And the Shaman, without thinking twice, moved into the tourist’s smartphone. Thus, he got into the world of programs and algorithms, information Bits and Glitches. In the game the Shaman will travel through the algorithms, performing tasks and trying to get to the exit, and you need to help him by controlling the individual nodes of the algorithm.

Levels of the game are made in the form of flowcharts, known to us since the school lessons of computer science (of course, who already had such lessons). Flowcharts consist of various nodes, such as: “Start”, “End”, “Data”, “Condition”, “Manual input”, “Parallel processes” and others. At each level, the Shaman appears from the node “Beginning” and begins to move along the connecting lines from node to node. Each node influences the further movement of the Shaman. You can manage some nodes manually. Your task is to help the Shaman to perform all the tasks and send it to the node “End” – out of the algorithm.

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