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Pocket Waifu

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The description

Pocket Waifu – having sold the soul of a succubus, the main character became the proud owner of seven luxurious women. True, only four of them are accessible from the beginning of the game, the other three pretty nymphs look forward to the feats of the player, and you can master them after defeating a certain level. The storyline of the fun has an erotic background, but in many ways resembles the sensational once Tamagotchi. The central character in the singular should in every way please the beautiful women so that they always have a good mood. Piquant scenes are available to persons of full age, since all the elements in the game are sexual in nature and are openly shown.

Essence of the game

After downloading and installing Pocket Waifu APK on an Android device, the hero does not understand what the consequences of such a deal may be, but the reckoning will overtake him a bit later. However, now many beauties are trying to get into the house of this lonely guy.

Moreover, their intentions are more than understandable. During the game, you can meet 7 girls, learn their secret secrets, as well as dress them in various outfits.

The possibilities of the game do not end there. The game essentially consists of mini-games, the success of which completely determines the outcome of communication with another beauty.

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Latest Version 1.37.1
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Publish Date 13.08.2019