SuperStar SMTOWN

SuperStar SMTOWN

Publish Date: June 16, 2019
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SuperStar SMTOWN — great music game with a bunch of tracks, global rating and many other advantages, which we now consider. The game has something like a Campaign, where you need to take turns through the levels, which are music tracks. The gameplay is standard: blue and orange elements approach us along several lines of the table. Once they are near, we have to click on the screen on the corresponding line.

Thus, we gain points and fill the so-called scale Rave. If we do not make mistakes, the combination grows and at the same time changes the appearance of the game table – it becomes incredibly beautiful. Then, depending on the number of points we score, we move up in the global ranking. In addition, as a reward, we receive cards with different artists, which are then stored in our collection.

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