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Publish Date: March 16, 2019
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MIXMSTR – Be the DJ — in the role of a DJ play in clubs, break the dance floor with incendiary music and become a new superstar. You will begin career as a DJ with small night clubs, gradually become popular, to participate in a huge rave discos. The gameplay of this game combines rhythm arcade and collectible card games. Choose the right tracks at the right time, and then touch at the right time moving objects to please the audience. Add to your collection of hits, from electronic dance music to techno and improve your records, speaking at events in the nightlife of the city to collect money and fame points that allow you to be on the big stages and dance floors. Turn from an unknown musician into a popular DJ by playing this music game on Android. In MIXMSTR: Be the Dj collecting real music from real artists, the ability to open a variety of clubs, great graphics and addictive gameplay.


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