Tough Road

Tough Road

Publish Date: August 10, 2019
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Tough Road — go through the stages, and for this crash into the car pursuers until completely destroy them. The main idea is simple and it is to survive and not to let numerous enemies destroy your car. To do this, continuously drift and make sharp maneuvers, then opponents will face each other and various obstacles, plus you can crash into them. Hold out for a long time, having dealt with all the enemies, then open the passage leading to the next level. Each stage is rewarded with coins and keys, you will need them to buy new vehicles or improve it. Another player is offered three abilities to choose from that will help you in battles with difficult enemies or bosses. Rough Road has a simple control, where touching the two halves of the screen you will turn, a lot of levels divided into several worlds and have the opportunity to collect a unique car.

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